Kaori I. Burkart

Associate Professor
Global Education and Intercultural Advancement Center (GAIA)
General Education Building, 3rd Floor


  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Iowa State University
    Doctor of Education in Multicultural Education and Diversity Studies at University of West Florida

Current Research

In addition to sociocultural issues in educational environments, her research interests include the development of intercultural sensitivity and global competence among undergraduate learners, in particular preservice teachers. Her expertise is in instrument development, quantitative analysis, as well as mixed methods. She seeks joint research opportunities crossing multiple disciplines, such as psychology, economics, as well as literature and language arts.


  • Japanese 1 Grammar
  • Japanese 1 Conversation
  • Japanese 1 Integrated Activities
  • Sustainability and Glocal Development in Oita
  • Global Basics


Selected Publications

Burkart, K. I. (2013). Comparison between commercially and publicly available instruments.
Journal of Research and Advanced Studies, 2(1), 1-10

Burkart, K. I., & Thompson, C. J. (2014). Intercultural mindedness: Teachers left behind.
Florida Associate of Teacher Educators Journal, 14(1), 1-14

Burkart, K. I. (2015). Environmental Justice Movements as Social Responsibility.
Journal of Research and Advanced Studies, 3(1), 81-88

Burkart, K. I. (2016). Teachers’ Professional Roles and Agencies in Curriculum Development and Implementation.
National Teacher Education Journal, 9(3) 41-48

Burkart, K. I. (2018). Preservice teachers’ Intercultural Sensitivity and Global Competency.
Florida Association of Teacher Educators Journal, 3(1), 7-25

Student blogs