Mieko Sakai

Global Education and Intercultural Advancement Center
General Education Building, 3rd Floor
Tel:+81 97 554 7516 E-mail:msakai@oita-u.ac.jp


Master of Arts University of Wisconsin-Madison

Current Research

Mieko Sakai's current research interests focus on language testing and e-learning. She also analyzes the skills of reading and writing needed for advanced level of Japanese language learners.


  • Intensive Japanese
  • Japanese 2(Grammar, Conversation, Reading, Writing)
  • Japanese 3(Grammar and Conversation)
  • Japanese 4(Speaking)
  • Japanese 5(Reading and Writing)
  • Japanese 6(Reading and Writing)


Selected Publications

Sakai, M., Nakaimizo, T. and Kanamori Y. 2008. "The Learning Patterns of Japanese Learners Using an E-learning Vocabulary Acquisition Software, and the Subsequent Revision of that Program." Japan Association for International Students' Education 13: 91-99.

Sakai, M. 2008. "The Acquisition of Noda: A Case Study of Learners of Japanese via an Analysis of the OPI Data-set." 研究論文集-教育系・文系の九州地区国立大学間連携論文集1,1-14.

Banno, E., and Sakai, M. 2006. "Refining of Kanji Placement Test Using the Rasch Model." Japanese Journal for Research on Testing 2, 91-100.

Sakai, M. 2005. "Evaluating Foreign Students' Compositions: An Analysis of Holistic Rating by Non-Japanese University Teachers." Oita University the International Student Center Research Bulletin 2, 19-30.

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