Yoriko Nishijima

Assistant Professor
Global Education and Intercultural Advancement Center
General Education Building, 3rd Floor
Tel:+81 97 554 7667 E-mail:y-nishijima@oita-u.ac.jp


  • Doctor of Human and Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University, Japan.
  • Master of Language Education and Information Science, Graduate School of Language Education and Information Science, Ritsumeikan University, Japan.

Current Research

My research so far has been about the effect of autonomous learning using language portfolios. However, in recent years I have been conducting a historical review of plurilingualism in language education, in particular, “the democratic language education” created in Italy in the 1970s and its “plurilinguismo” are clarified as to the factors, philosophy, and educational practices of their occurrence. Based on this approach, I am considering the ideal way of language education in various modern linguistic environments.


  • Japanese (Reading/Writing/Speaking/Grammar)
  • Academic Writing
  • Presentation Skill
  • Analysis of Japanese Grammar


German-Japanese differences in assessment cultures: A qualitative study of Japanese teachers' beliefs in grading, Japanisch als Fremdsprache, vol.7, Japanisch an Hochschulen e. V. March 2021, Scheßlitz.

La lingua e le politiche linguistiche nell'Italia moderna e contemporanea. La situazione fino alla creazione dell'educazione linguistica democratica di Tullio De Mauro, Studi di cultura Italo-Giapponese, vol.58, March 2020, Tokyo.

The historical transition of “plurilinguismo” in Italy: Until the proposal for democratic language education in 1975, Language Policy, vol.15, March 2019, Tokyo.

Construction of democratic language education in Italy in the 1970s – Tullio De Mauro’s conception of language education and plurilingualism – Human and Environmental Studies, vol.27, December 2018, Kyoto.

Developing a Can-do statements scale to reveal the ability of interactive oral expression in academic situation, Bulletin of center for Japanese language culture, vol.11, February 2013, Kyoto.

On the Development of learner autonomy using the European language portfolio on CEFR: The practice of self-assessment with the can-do statements and learning plan, On language and language education, vol.3, March 2010, Kyoto.

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