Campus Life



List of available scholarships, as well as application procedures for international students.



International student dormitory information.


Medical Services

Information on the Oita University Health Support Center and National Health Insurance system.


The Global Village

International students’ favorite gathering place.

University Library (Dannoharu Campus)

The “International Student Section” upstairs in the Library contains dictionaries, Japanese language textbooks, and a variety of books in English.

Student Support

Information on international student support (e.g., Academic advice and tutoring services are provided by “Friends of Overseas Students at Oita University.”)


Field Trips

GAIA organizes day trips to visit scenic and historic spots in Oita prefecture twice a year.

Interaction with People in the Local Community

International students are provided with opportunities to interact with school children and local citizens through cultural events organized by the surrounding communities. Details will be announced through GAIA e-mails or on the International Office bulletin board.

Life in Japan (Attention!)

Important information on life in Japan. Please read:


Oita City and Oita University Campuses

Oita City has a population of about 465,000 and is surrounded by beautiful mountains near the sea. Oita University's Dannoharu campus is located in a suburb of Oita City (the prefectural capital). This campus is only a 15-minute train ride from downtown Oita and is situated in a quiet residential area.


The Hasama Campus (254,000m²), located in Yufu City (west of Oita City), houses the Faculty of Medicine and the Medical School Hospital.

Student Club Activities and Campus Events

The Dannoharu Campus has a variety of student activity groups (e.g., Tea Ceremony, Manga Studies, Japanese Chess, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Judo, etc.). The Hasama Campus also has active student groups who meet frequently. Oita University offers interesting campus-wide events including university festivals, athleticmeets, a long-distance relay road race, and more.

Student blogs