Programs for International Students who are holders of Japanese Government ScholarshipsJapanese

Preparatory Course in Japanese for Pre-Postgraduate Students

This is a six-month beginners' Japanese course for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship holders. Students study the language to acquire grammar, speaking, reading and writing skills. Apart from the study of the language, students are given the opportunity to experience the culture of Japan by participating in fieldtrips, meeting with local people, etc. Basic English language ability is required.

Program for Japanese Language/Japanese Studies Majoring Students

This is a one-year program for undergraduate students who major in Japanese Language / Japanese Studies at their home universities. The purpose of the program is to improve Japanese language competence and to enhance understanding of Japanese society and cultures; students take Japanese language courses offered by the Center and courses for local students in the various Faculties. Students can conduct independent research under the supervision of their academic advisors. The program is available only for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship holders. Inquiries about the application for the program should be made to the Japanese Embassy in the applicant's home country.


The main objectives of this program are to improve the participant's Japanese language proficiency and to allow him/her to deepen his/her knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture.

Qualifications and Conditions

  • Applicants must be undergraduate students in their own country. Applicants should have a keen interest in Japan.
  • Applicants should have passed Level 3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
  • Applicants must apply at the Japanese Embassy in their own countries and take an examination; please contact the Japanese Embassy for further information.
  • Privately-funded students are not allowed to take part in the Program.


The status of exchange students is that of non-degree students whilst they are at Oita University.

Courses Offered in the Program

  • There are no classes specially designed for students of the Program.
  • Students take courses offered by GAIA or the various Faculties. Academic advisers offer assistance and advice to students in selecting appropriate courses.
  • Students who undertake "Independent Research", i.e., research in their own sphere of interest, are supervised by an appropriate member of staff.


Tuition and entrance fees are waived.

Accommodation and Living Expenses

Scholarship-holders receive emoluments to cover housing and living expenses.

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