The Student Exchange Promotion Scheme at Oita UniversityJapanese

Oita University’s international exchange programs accept a wide variety of students from partner universities. Exchange students study either in the Intercultural and Global Oita-Based Education (IGLOBE) program or the Special Program for International Exchange Students (SPIS) for either one semester (six months) or two semesters (one year) as non-degree-seeking students. Credits earned at Oita University are certified by the University and are intended to satisfy graduation requirements at students' home universities. Oita University does not charge tuition fees for international exchange students.

Two different programs are offered under the Scheme:

1. IGLOBE(Intercultural and Global Oita Based Education)

IGLOBE (Intercultural and Global Oita-Based Education) is a course of study which aims to enhance Japanese language skills while providing learning opportunities related to Japanese culture and society generally, as well as to Oita and its surrounding communities, in particular. This is achieved through a variety of classes in the areas of social media, education, economics, applied engineering and science, sustainability, and popular culture. Based on their language proficiency, students may also be able to take general education and specialization courses.


2. SPIS(Special Program for International Exchange Students)

Applicants must have a supervisor who is a faculty member of Oita University.


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