Yumi Kanamori

Assistant Professor
Global Education and Intercultural Advancement Center
General Education Building, 3rd Floor
Tel:+81 97 554 7667 E-mail:kanamori@oita-u.ac.jp


  • 1984: Masters Degree in German Literature, Kyushu University Graduate School, Department of Literature Research.
  • 1990-1994: Taught Japanese at the Kyushu University International Student Center.
  • 1994-Present: Assistant Professor, Oita University School of Economics. Duties include the education of international students.

Current Research

My research focuses on the teaching methodology for Japanese language education. In particular, I have been researching the development of educational materials that effectively teach the academic Japanese that is necessary for college education. I have also been engaged in developing e-learning educational materials that teach collocation, and educational materials that use the study of sentence patterns to make students conscious of the essential language and style used to compose a report. At present, I am exploring educational methods that teach Japanese using peer learning involving the cooperation of Japanese and international students.


  • Japanese (Reading/Writing/Speaking/Grammar)
  • Academic Writing
  • Presentation Skill
  • Studies on Oita


Selected Publications

Mieko Sakai, Tomoko Nakamizo, and Yumi Kanamori, "The Learning Patterns of Japanese Learners Using an E-learning Vocabulary Acquisition Software, and the Subsequent Revision of that Program" Japan Association for International Students' Education 13 (December 2008) 91-99

Yumi Kanamori and Tomoko Nakamizo, "Applying a Web-BasednVocabulary Acquisition Program to Kanji Learning" Oita University Center for International Education and Research Research Bulletin (December 2007)23-35

Yumi Kanamori, "Teaching Academic Writing in Advanced Level Japanese –Results of Teaching Method Based on Structure and Sentence Patterns-" Oita University The International Student Center Research Bulletin (November 2005) 1-18

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